Abel Mendoza

Abel Mendoza

About Abel Mendoza

Abel Mendoza Janguren and his wife, Maite Fernández, are the brainchild behind Abel Mendoza winery. Nestled in the heart of San Vicente de la Sonsierra in La Rioja, Spain this humble boutique winery is synonymous with authenticity and tradition.

Abel Mendoza winery is not vast in its acres, but this way, it can give its vineyards the undivided attention they rightfully deserve. It boasts single variety vineyards spanning 18 hectares, adorned with grapes varieties such as Tempranillo, Graciano, Malvasía, Viura, white and red Grenache. Even though their vineyard sizes might be small compared to others, they never fall short when it comes to producing top-quality wines.

What sets Abel Mendoza apart from rest is the belief that great wine is crafted in the vineyard, not the winery, this technique combined with organic methods of cultivation and a respect for the environment, produces wine that is pure expression of the terrain. These traditionalists use spontaneity and natural yeast for fermentation. The winery utilises both French and American oak barrels for ageing to impart a unique character to its wines.

Over the past twenty years; Abel Mendoza wines have been lauded for their elegant balance and complex notes, rivalling many well-known names in the industry. They have created a broad palette of wines which includes marvellous reds, a sublime white and a unique rosé evoking the soul of Rioja. This uncomplicated approach towards winemaking makes Abel Mendoza winery truly special.

However big or small, this couple's dedication to wine is the lifeblood of the winery. The unequaled mixture of tradition and innovation is truly the winery's trademark. With every sip of Abel Mendoza wine, drinkers get to taste the passion and heart that goes into each bottle.

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