About Allegrini

Located in the heart of Valpolicella in Northern Italy, Allegrini winery represents one of the most celebrated names in Italian viticulture. With a legacy that spans over five centuries, the family-run winery has been passed down six generations, continuing the passion for producing world-renowned wines.

Historically, the Allegrini family has been responsible for transforming the character of winemaking in Valpolicella; a feat which has pushed them to international acclaim in the wine industry. Famed for their innovation and dedication, they have continually perfected the art of crafting premium and paramount red and white wines.

The vineyard is nestled amidst an idyllic landscape, where lush vine terrains set against the picturesque drama of the Italian countryside provides a splendid microcosm for grape cultivation. These carefully nurtured grapes bring about a diversity of wines, each narrating a unique story of their birthplace, through a sublime fusion of tradition and contemporary techniques.

Allegrini wines are renowned for their persistent flavours, embodying the rich terroir of Valpolicella and bearing the signature characteristics derived from indigenous Veronese grapes. From the robust Amarone della Valpolicella Classico to the fruity Palazzo della Torre, these award-winning wines are perfect incarnations of complexity and elegance.

The winery also provides its visitors with a luxurious experience, offering wine tastings and tours that grant an educational and intimate exploration of their vineyards and cellars. Every element of their hospitality experience is finely tuned to echo the Allegrini family's love for their craft and commitment to producing some of the world's finest wines.

With its roots firmly planted in tradition, Allegrini winery continually forges forward in its pursuit of finesse, displaying a perfect blend of respect for the past, present innovation and foresight for a prosperous future in viticulture, However, their fullest accomplishment perhaps lies in their ability to bring to life the enchanting romance of wine in every bottle they create.

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