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About Alpha Zeta

Nestled in the heart of the famous Veneto wine region in Italy, Alpha Zeta winery is a haven for all wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The winery is noted for its quality and affordability, managing to marry the two into a harmonious whole.

Born from a partnership between Liberty Wines owner David Gleave MW and grape-grower Matt Thomson, the winery's mission was simple - to create a range of Italian wines that would take your taste buds to an untapped level of sensations without burning a hole in your pocket. From their Chardonnay to their red Valpolicella Ripasso, every Alpha Zeta wine is testament to their devotion to quality.

Imagine the soft murmur of the vineyard, the sun-kissed vines basking in the Italian sunshine, and the intoxicating aroma of crushed grapes wafting through the winery. These are the experiences that await you when touring Alpha Zeta's beautiful vineyards. But what sets Alpha Zeta apart from the rest is not just the picturesque landscape; it's the meticulous wine-making process involved to produce impeccable wines.

Every bottle of Alpha Zeta wine is a meticulous blend of tradition and innovation. It brings together time-honoured wine-making traditions with state-of-the-art vinification techniques, promising a finished product that is flawless to the core.

Part of Alpha Zeta's charm is also down to their sustainable practices; from the careful nurturing of the vineyards to the minimal intervention approach in the winery. They firmly believe that wine is a product of the land and the environment must be respected and cared for.

A visit to Alpha Zeta is a journey into Italian viticulture, combining breathtaking views sight-seeing in the gorgeous Venetian region, and fine wine tasting. It's a surreal experience, one that begs for languid sips and quiet moments amidst the verdant vines.

In Alpha Zeta winery, every glass promises an exceptional journey, a story of passion, expertise and a perfect symbiosis of man and nature: A sip of Alpha Zeta is a sip of Italy. And it is an experience worth savouring and returning for!

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