Anthonij Rupert

Anthonij Rupert

About Anthonij Rupert

Anthonij Rupert winery is a vineyard beyond compare, nestled comfortably in the verdant heart of South Africa's Franschhoek Valley. This spectacular winery nods respectfully towards a rich heritage, while relentlessly striving for innovative excellence.

Named after its founder, the late Anthonij Rupert, the estate holds his vision close to our heart. His belief in the pure potential of South African wine has set the standard for our production. Perched on the slopes of the peerless Groot Drakenstein Mountain, the vineyard encompasses the powerful diversity of the Franschhoek terrain; from low lying regions perfect for cooling Sauvignon Blancs, to windswept upper reaches suitable for rich, bold Cabernets.

The winery itself exudes an understated elegance, masterfully blending modernity with a respect for tradition. Our state-of-the-art cellars allow us to meticulously control all stages of the winemaking process, embodying commitment to precision and craftsmanship. Visitors can expect an immersive experience, from vineyard tours to wine tasting led by our knowledgeable staff with expertise in each unique blend.

Our haughty belief in the unique soil and exceptional local climate forms the bedrock of our passion. It's a challenge we take with us into each harvest, as we strive to bottle the very essence of our unique terroir.

Anthonij Rupert's portfolio contains a diverse medley of wine, with each offering set apart by distinct taste and structure. Thus, truly carrying the diversity of the South African landscape.

Anthonij Rupert house is just as much a testament to tenacity as it is to the art of winemaking. Wether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply a weary traveller in search of tranquillity and beauty, this remarkable estate warrants a visit.

Raise your glass to the passion of Anthonij Rupert. Here, where every bottle is a story; every sip, a tale of tradition intertwined with the urges of innovation.

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