Axel Pauly

Axel Pauly

About Axel Pauly

Nestled in Germany's captivating Mosel Valley, Axel Pauly winery is a true gem for wine enthusiasts. Driven by passion and uncompromising dedication to crafting superior quality wines, the winery is a beloved producer on the global wine stage.

The Pauly family's love for viticulture dates back several generations, however, it was Axel, the young, ambitious winemaker who transformed the winery into a modern, world-renowned producer. Fascinated by the unique Mosel terroir and its potential, he took over his parents' vineyards in 2004 after gaining invaluable experience in various international wineries. Applying his own vision and understanding of winemaking, Axel swiftly elevated the family business, implementing sophisticated techniques and engaging in sustainable practices.

Covering approximately twelve hectares, the winery is especially known for its exceptional Rieslings, which perfectly reflect the character of Mosel. Benefitting from the region's distinct, slate-rich soils and ideal climatic conditions, the Rieslings possess a one-of-a-kind flavour profile that spans from the crisp and tangy to the lush and off-dry.

However, Axel Pauly's portfolio does not stop with the white grape superstar; it also includes vibrant Pinot Noir and succulent Pinot Blanc varieties, offering wine enthusiasts a diverse and exquisite taste experience. In other words, the winery is a true reflection of forward-thinking viniculture, combined with an unwavering respect for tradition.

The best part of the Axel Pauly story? It’s the opportunity for oenophiles to not just savour these excellent wines but to immerse themselves in their origination. The winery welcomes visitors to relish the picturesque vineyards, delve into the winemaking process, and, needless to say, participate in professional tasting sessions, an experience that is both illuminating and delightful.

Axel Pauly winery, with its innovative approach and homage to tradition, succeeds wonderfully in marrying past and present in every single bottle celebrating the natural abundance of Mosel Valley. And leaving wine lovers around the world eager for their next sip.

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