Bedrock Wine Co.

Bedrock Wine Co.

About Bedrock Wine Co.

Bedrock Wine Co. is an incredibly noteworthy Californian winery, recognised for its dedication to producing wines focused on heritage, historical vineyards and character. Founded in 2007 by an illustrious father and son duo, Joel Peterson and Morgan Twain-Peterson; their relationship represents a harmonious blend of old-world experience and new-world innovation, so to say.

Based amidst breath-taking scenery of Sonoma Valley in California, Bedrock Wine Co. absolutely revels in its setting. Awash with sun-kissed vineyards, rolling hills and spectacular landscapes, the winery presents the idyllic setting for the creation of world-class wines. From unbelievable old Zinfandel, made in their heritage vineyards, buzzing with history dating back to the 1880s, to unconventional blends, their wines are renowned for exceptional quality and complex flavours.

The winery's mission is to preserve and work sustainly with old vineyards across California. Thus, Bedrock Wine Co. takes a thoughtful, almost meticulous approach to viticulture and vinification. The grapes are carefully harvested by hand, the vineyards are hard working and the wines, like their creators, are full of personality. They all feature expressive character, aromatic richness, and structured complexity; a testament to the winery’s profound obsession with the land and dedication to the craft.

What separates them on the market is their unique blend of rustic tradition and sophisticated technology, The passion behind the wine is echoed in their tireless commitment to do justice to the region's viticultural diversity. Historically inspired blends from heirloom varietals are their forte, making them stand apart amongst other wine makers in the region.

The Bedrock Wine Co. story is not just of a winery with heart, but a tribute to California’s enology. The message is reinvigorating, the state's vinous heritage at the risk of becoming lost to history. With an ever-growing range of wines acknowledged for their quality and distinctiveness, it seems the story of Bedrock Wine Co. is far from over.

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