About Brokenwood

Nestled in the picturesque Hunter Valley, Brokenwood winery is one of Australia's most renowned wine estates. Founded in 1970, its humble beginnings were a mere 5-acre plot, but it has evolved into a husbandry of over 200 acres of vibrant vineyards, rolling hills and lush landscapes.

The philosophy at Brokenwood is simple yet significant. They believe in producing high-quality wine with a focus on individuality and regionality, which is a testament to the unique terroir of the Hunter Valley. Their unyielding dedication to viniculture is reflected in every rich, exquisitely textured glass their vineyards produce.

Their eclectic range of wines includes everything from the crisp, citrus-infused Semillon to the deep, plum-rich Shiraz – each varietal preserving the story of its unique vineyard of origin. Brokenwood's flagship wine, the ILR Reserve Semillon, named after one of the winery's founders, James Halliday, has won numerous accolades worldwide and is a sought-after vintage by every wine connoisseur.

Apart from its delectable wines, another compelling feature of the estate is the Brokenwood Wine Tasting and Hospitality venue. With its sleek modern design complementing the surrounding rural beauty, this space invites you for an unparalleled culinary experience. Here, you may savour their gourmet dishes that are masterfully paired with the vineyard's finest wines, thereby offering an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

A visit to Brokenwood is not mere wine tasting; it’s an immersive affair. With vineyard tours that delve into the winemaking process, delectable dining with exquisite food-wine pairings, and the occasional entertainment event to indulge in.

Brokenwood, with its captivating charm and exceptional wines, is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for epicureans and oenophiles alike. Whether you’re a casual wine lover or an avid collector, Brokenwood winery offers a delightful sojournée that will entice your senses and pique your palate in every possible way. The only regret you may have, is not having visited sooner!

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