Bruno Rocca

Bruno Rocca

About Bruno Rocca

Situated in the eminent Langhe wine region of Piedmont, Italy, Bruno Rocca winery stands as a testament to quality wine production. The winery, which has been under the ownership of the Rocca family for generations, is recognised for its unwavering dedication to preserving traditional winemaking methods. It encompasses the exquisite artistry of every stage of vino cultivation, from cultivation in vineyards to maturation in the cellars.

The vineyards, blessed with an extraordinary hilly terrain and favourable climate, create the perfect setting for growing robust Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto grapes. The contexts and nuances of each wine-producing field are remarkably reflected in the apex tasted in each bottle.

The Rocca family has a renowned tradition for premium winemaking, passed down over several generations. They maintain strong ties to their ancestral roots, which date back to 1834. Bruno Rocca, the current patriarch and the namesake of the winery, took the helm in the early 1970s and brought a new vision to the estate. Inspired by his travels to great wine-producing regions, Bruno was keen on improving and innovating while steadfastly maintaining the familial traditional methods.

Dedicated to enhancing the natural qualities of the grapes, Bruno Rocca desists from overly industrial methods in favour of low intervention, hand-harvesting, and manual sorting. This thoughtful approach presents itself in the wines’ pure, distinctive flavours that hold a unique expression of terroir.

Each year, a limited quantity of wine is produced, ensuring the highest level of quality control. The wines' palette ranges from hinting at fruits to savoury, exhibiting refined structure and a long finish.

Bruno Rocca’s ethos is eloquently expressed in the words of Bruno himself: "A wine must talk about the ground that has generated it, the hands that have worked it and the love of whoever has looked after its birth, evolution and its journey to your table." It is not simply a winery, but a beacon of passion, family tradition, and elegant craftsmanship.

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