Cantine Belisario

Cantine Belisario

About Cantine Belisario

Nestled amidst the scenic verdancy of Italy's picturesque Marche region, Cantine Belisario is truly a feast for the senses. Sprawling over 700 hectares of lush vineyards, the winery is a fine example of Italy's 'green heart', producing a range of high-quality wines with a distinct regional character.

Established in 1971, Cantine Belisario has stayed true to its rich heritage whilst steadily making inroads into the future. The winery is deeply committed to following sustainable viticulture practices- a testament to its dedication towards preserving the environment and promoting biodiversity. With stringent quality standards, an innovative approach, and a hands-on winemaking style, Cantine Belisario has grown to become a beacon of excellence in the Italian wine industry. The winery's portfolio includes diverse varieties of Verdicchio, an indigenous grape variety renowned for its versatility and distinct flavour profile.

Cantine Belisario takes pride in embracing traditionally intricate winemaking techniques that are rooted in the region's history. Whilst fusing these with modern applications, the result is an exquisite collection of wines that reflect the authentic taste of Marche. From the citrusy Verdicchio di Matelica to the dark and robust Verdicchio Riserva, each bottle tells a story infused with the rich flavours and aromas of the area.

However, Cantine Belisario is not just about fine wines. The winery itself is a visual treat with magnificent views of rolling vineyards, dramatic landscapes, and picturesque vine-clad slopes. It is open for visits; offering enlightening tours, and the chance to sample their prized wines in a truly breath-taking setting.

In a world where tradition often makes way for trends, Cantine Belisario continues to be representative of the authenticity, hospitality and vibrant flavours that Italian viticulture has offered for centuries, Visitors to the winery leaves not just with bottles of superior wines but with lasting memories of the magical and serene beauty of the Marche region.

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