Cantine Pellegrino

Cantine Pellegrino

About Cantine Pellegrino

Contrary to tradition, Cantine Pellegrino isn't nestled in the vine-laden hills of Tuscany, but rather on the sun-kissed island of Sicily. This family-run winery boasts a long-standing affair with the wine-making industry, beginning in 1880 and passing their knowledge through generations of Pellegrino descendants.

Perched in the heartland of Marsala, Cantine Pellegrino specialises in the production of the very same fortified wine that the city is celebrated for. Expertly combining tradition with innovation. The winery's commitment is steadfast; creating only the highest-quality wines that truly embody the unique promise of Sicilian terroir, with a steadfast focus on indigenous grapes like Grillo, Perricone, Zibibbo, and of course, Marsala.

Year after year, Cantine Pellegrino has earned prestigious accolades, further cementing its place among Italy's prized wineries. Their collection is nothing short of diverse, featuring the likes of robust reds, delightful whites, and aromatic sweet wines, not to mention the sacrosanct Marsala wines, all originating from their seven well-maintained vineyards scattered throughout the island.

Despite its considerable success on the global dais of wine-making, Cantine Pellegrino's ethos retain a quintessential Italian charm. Visitors to the winery are welcomed with warm hospitality that resonates the heartening stories of grape and ground to glass; there’s nothing quite like walking through the wind-swept vineyards, witnessing the century-old cellars, and savouring the luscious wines to appreciate their homage to the Sicilian soils.

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or simply wine-curious, Cantine Pellegrino is a veritable tour de force within the rich tapestry of Italy's vino landscape. The enduring passion and dedication of this family run venture shine brightly in their captivating repertoire of wines and their stewardship of Sicily's viticultural heritage.

Please note: The winery may seem distant, translates faultlessly into the rich essence of its wines that uncork an authentic slice of Sicilian life. With each pour of a Pellegrino bottle the Mediterranean's mystique comes alive, transporting one's senses to the delightful vineyards of this charming island.

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