About Cesconi

Nestled in the picturesque Dolomites of northern Italy, Cesconi winery is an emblem of traditional winemaking tactics woven flawlessly with modern innovation. As guardians of a familial inheritance going back four generations, the Cesconi brothers run this respected winery; translating their childhood passion into bottles of sheer indulgence.

Stationed in Pressano, at the heart of Trentino, this winery provides a breathtaking view of its surrounding terrains; rugged mountains and serene vineyards providing a canvas inspiring divine creation. A significant factor in the unmistakable quality and distinct character of Cesconi wines is the unique blend of alpine and Mediterranean climates this area enjoys. Sunlit, chilly mornings and crisp evenings allow the grapes to mature gradually, lending a symphony of flavours and structured depth to the wines.

Aside from the terroir, the temptation of Cesconi wines also lies in their cellar. Under the watchful eyes of a talented team, traditional wine making techniques meets contemporary advancements, producing wines that emanate elegance and bold individuality. Selective handpicking of grapes, non-aggressive pressing, fermentation in steel, cement or wood, and prolonged skin maceration has a definitive role- the wines are deliberately honed till they echo the quintessential properties of their makers' and the surrounding nature.

Cesconi believes in the organic cultivation of their vineyard, dedicated to showcasing the intimate connection between the terrain and the vines. The rich biodiversity of the vineyards adds to the complexity of their wines, allowing each variety to fully express its character.

The soul of Italy courses through every vintage they create. From the robust Teroldego Rotaliano and the well-structured Merlot blended Nosiola to the majestic, sparkling Trentodoc; Cesconi winery is a visual and sensory delight that invites connoisseurs defying the ordinary, in their pursuit of exceptional wines.

At Cesconi Winery, one does not just sip wine; they consume a legacy. They relish in the vistas and the cool winds; the carefully nurtured soils and the treasured vines; the translucent sunsets and the the love affair of tradition, nature and man.

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