About Chakana

Nestled in the scenic region of Agrelo, in Mendoza, Argentina, the Chakana winery stands as a testament to the marriage of viticultural heritage and innovation. Established in 2002, this family-owned establishment has been a vanguard of organic and biodynamic winemaking, redefining wine production on South American soil.

Sprawling across 150 hectares of lush land, the vineyard drawsupon the richness of the famed Agrelo terroir. The Chakana winery produces a diverse selection of wines encompassing the alluring nuance of Argentina's grape varieties. From an exquisite Malbec, which redefines depth and complexity, to the unique Chakana Estate Selection, consumers are offered a wine palette, full with exciting options.

Under the conscientious stewardship of winemaker Gabriel Bloise, Chakana has committed itself to sustainable farming practices. Their vineyards, certified organic since 2012 and biodynamic since 2016, represent a marriage of ancient winemaking techniques with contemporary sophistication. The result is wine that is not only environmentally sustainable, but that also captures the purest expression of the vineyard's unique terroir.

However, what sets Chakana apart from their counterparts, is not just their commitment to eco-centric wine production. But, it is their constant endeavour to redefine and capture the multifaceted, yet distinct, spirit of Argentina's vineyard landscape, The winery’s name, which is drawn from the ancient Incan cross symbolising the union of Earth and the Cosmos, aptly encapsulates this vision.

So, whether you're sipping on their elegant Torrontés on a bright summer's evening or indulging in the dense flavours of their Cabernet Sauvignon on a cool autumn night. You'll be guaranteed to stroll through an invigorating journey of refinement and authenticity; a journey that is Chakana's gift to the world of wines.

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