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Chapel Hill

About Chapel Hill

Situated in the soul of McLaren Vale, one of South Australia's most esteemed wine regions, Chapel Hill Winery is a true reflection of the art, history and beauty of the Australian wine industry. Boasting not only a stunning vineyard, Chapel Hill’s location is steeped in rich history. It is renowned as a place where the harmony of winemaking and respect for the natural environment collide.

The winery gets its name from the heritage-listed ironstone chapel nestled at the peak of the grounds. Originally constructed in 1865, the building served as a place of worship and schoolhouse during its early years. This quaint chapel now stands as an iconic symbol of the winery's dedication to tradition yet innovative approach.

Chapel Hill Winery specialises in the cultivation of Shiraz and Grenache – classic Australian varieties. However they also produce an impressive array of other stellar wines from the region’s flagship grape varieties. Their tireless dedication to quality is evident in every bottle; just one sip is enough to convince any wine enthusiast of both the character and depth of their exquisite offerings, sun-ripened and bursting with flavour.

This winery is also committed to environmentally friendly practices, creating wines through sustainable viticulture. Despite the challenges, commitment and tireless dedication to sustainability is a responsibility that Chapel Hill Winery is proud to uphold

Visitors to Chapel Hill can indulge in the ultimate wine-tasting experience, enjoying the magnificent views of the surrounding vineyards and rolling hills from the spacious cellar door. This experience is completed with the remarkable views, showcasing the dramatic landscape that houses this iconic Australian winery.

Chapel Hill Winery is genuinely a must-visit destination for wine lovers around the globe. Its focus on consistent quality and a commitment to sustainability gives it an edge in the wine world. Offering more than just wine, the peaceful atmosphere, breathtaking setting and rich history make Chapel Hill Winery, an unmissable gem of Australia’s wine industry.

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