Chateau des Ferrages

Chateau des Ferrages

About Chateau des Ferrages

Located in the beautiful wine region of Provence, France, the Chateau des Ferrages winery is a veritable paradise for wine aficionados. This prestigious vineyard, with its picturesque vistas and tranquil atmosphere: forms a unique blend of traditional winemaking techniques and modern innovations.

Spread across an ample 28 hectares, Chateau des Ferrages is renowned for producing some of the finest wines in the region. The vineyard is home to a myriad of lush grape varietals including Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault among others, which are meticulously picked and handled with tender loving care.

The winery as such, follows organic farming principles, assuring each bottle of wine produced is brimming with natural goodness and authentic provençal flavours. The winemakers at the chateau, believed in harnessing the bounty of the terroir and letting nature play a significant role in the winemaking process.

The Chateau des Ferrages winery truly encapsulates the essence of Provence with its exquisite range of vin de Provence and Côtes de Provence wines, Richly blessed with the essence of red fruits, berries, citrus, and even exotic fruit flavours, these wines are revered for their unique taste profiles.

However, the pinnacle of the winery’s offerings is their exceptionally splendid Rosé wine, which is a favourite amongst wine connoisseurs worldwide. This signature wine, expertly crafted from a blend of Grenache and Cinsault varietals; is a true symbol of the vineyard's expertise. It bears the delightful hints of mandarin, peach and raspberry and is lauded for its perfect balance of acidity and freshness.

Visitors are welcomed to this glorious vineyard, where they can sample the fine wines amidst the beauty of the Provençal landscapes, making it a must-visit destination for any wine lover. The Tranquil Chateau des Ferrages is the perfect vineyard to experience the skilled artistry, passion, and tradition that goes into creating world-class wines.

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