Château Minuty

Château Minuty

About Château Minuty

Nestled in the heart of Provence, the Château Minuty exemplifies the essence of French winemaking. This family-owned vineyard, established in the 19th century by Etienne Matton, lies on the beautifully rugged Saint-Tropez Peninsula. Over the decades, the family have succeeded in combining traditional artisanal methods with the latest viticultural technology, elevating Château Minuty into the realm of iconic wine producers.

The estate spans over 70 hectares of lush Mediterranean landscape, bountiful with ancient olive trees and aromatic provencal herbs, that make an ideal backdrop for intricately cultivated vineyards. Relying on indigenous Provençal grapes, such as Grenache, Tibouren, and Syrah, Château Minuty produces remarkable wines deeply rooted in the region's winemaking tradition.

Château Minuty boasts a commitment to sustainable farming practices, placing a strong emphasis on preserving the area's biodiversity as part of its successful growth strategy. With the estate being designated a 'Cru Classé' in 1955, they unequivocally prove that environmental stewardship and exceptional wine production need not be mutually exclusive.

The estate's crown jewel is their Rose et Or, a crisp and elegant rosé embodying the sun-drenched essence of Provence. Bursting with notes of white peach and candied citrus, this exceptional wine is a testament to the meticulous care and dedication practised at Château Minuty; It's vibrant character reflecting hours of painstakingly hand-picked harvests and careful selection processes.

Celebrated worldwide for it's excellent varietals – from the remarkably expressive M de Minuty to the complex and structured 281 – Château Minuty continues to be at the forefront of the rosé revolution, bringing the character and charm of Provence to the global stage.

Visitors to Château Minuty can enjoy a tranquil wine tasting experience amidst the stunning landscape, savouring their world-class wines under the brilliant Provençal sun. The inviting and personalised tour, paired with the scenic vistas, make Château Minuty a must visit for any wine connoisseur or novices alike.

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