Chateau Musar

Chateau Musar

About Chateau Musar

Founded in 1930 by Gaston Hochar, Chateau Musar winery is a prestigious emblem of Lebanese resilience and perseverance. Located in Ghazir, a small village nestled in the Bekaa Valley, it remains Lebanon's most famous winery. True to the founders' spirit, it has succeeded in producing remarkable wines despite the varying political and climatic challenges that Lebanon has faced over the decades.

The winery spans over a sprawling vineyard, baptised by the radiant Mediterranean sun. It cultivates an assortment of primary grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, and Carignan. These grapes are grown using organic farming techniques, resulting in authentic savoury wines with distinct character.

Chateau Musar boasts an incredible attention to detail in their viticulture process. From vine to cask to bottle, the winery endeavours to ensure its end products reflect the very essence of its fertile soil, venerable origins and remarkable dedication. In 1959, Serge Hochar, Gaston's son, became the winemaker and continued the legacy of producing impeccable wines. His modus operandi involved a patient and gentle approach that Boston Globe fittingly described as "making wine in a very non-interventionist way and making wine for longevity".

Stepping into the Musar world, one will find what could be termed as refined rusticity. Whether it's the sturdy stone structure of the building itself, harmoniously blending with its natural surroundings or the unique lineup of their vintage & cellar aged offerings, Chateau Musar leaves an indelible imprint on every visitor or connoisseur. Its wines are more than palatable experiences; instead, they are intimate dialogues with the land, history and spirit of Lebanon.

Having gained international renown for its prominent wines, Chateau Musar faithfully continues its journey of wine-making. It remains an exquisite testament to human resilience, the power of transformative agriculture and the subtle art of patience; managing to transform lumps of grapes into bottled poetry. The winery has flourished under three generations of the Hochar family, with the third currently at the helm ready to embrace the challenges of the future and further expand its international presence, Chateau Musar is committed to showcasing the finest expressions of Lebanese wine to the world.

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