About Cloof

Located in the heart of Darling in the Western Cape, Cloof Winery is a sublime wine estate with a deep-seated commitment to eco-friendly practices and outstanding quality. The estate's vast ecological diversity has earned it a coveted biodiversity in wine accreditation. This harmonious approach to viticulture is imbued in the winery’s philosophy making their wine not just a delight to the senses but also environment-friendly.

With its sprawling vineyards and modern winemaking facilities, the Cloof estate has become an iconic part of the region's wine industry. It is home to a variety of lush, rich vines, including the much-coveted Bordeaux and Rhône varietals. Over the years, Cloof has contrived a strong reputation for its extraordinary wines, each boasting unique qualities that are indicative of the region's distinctive terroir.

It would be a disservice to review Cloof without mentioning, its superb tasting room experience. Wine lovers who embark on a journey to this prestigious estate are greeted with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff ready to guide their palate through an adventure of taste and sophisticated elegance. Cloof’s tasting room allows connoisseurs to experience the essence of their commitment to quality and passion, first-hand.

Of course, no Cloof experience would be complete without sampling the winery’s acclaimed signature blends,. The renowned Duckitt Bordeaux Blend, brimming with the full-bodied notes characteristic of Bordeaux grapes, and the dynamic, fruit driven Crucible Shiraz, awarded for its masterful blend of intensity and refinement.

Undoubtedly, a visit to Cloof is not just an excursion, but an event - a sensory journey into the magical world of South African wine production. It’s so much more than a winery. Cloof’s ethos, elegant wines and commitment to sustainable practices distinguish it as a unique gem within the Western Cape's scintillating viticulture landscape.

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