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Col Solare

About Col Solare

Col Solare winery, situated atop the eye-catching Red Mountain in Washington state, is a true spectacle for lovers of delectable, full-bodied red wine. This opulent winery stands as a testament to the lofty vision of its founders; an ambitious promise to fuse the illustrious winemaking traditions of Tuscany and Bordeaux, seized by its unique corner of the globe.

An intriguing joint venture between two giants of the wine industry, Marchesi Antinori and Chateau Ste. Michelle. Thus, when you cross the threshold of Col Solare, you're stepping into a world where time-honoured methods are woven seamlessly into the trail-blazing innovations of the new world.

At the heart of Col Solare’s operations is a determination to produce wine, that accurately reflects the land from which it was carefully cultivated. Therefore, the majority of their vintages are crafted from grapes grown in their own estate vineyard, ensuring an impeccable level of quality control.

Col Solare specialises in Cabernet Sauvignon, a varietal that flourishes in the heat and iron-rich soil of Red Mountain, producing deep, ripe flavours and a characteristic, brick red hue. Yet the winery's mastery doesn't end their. Doggedly dedicated to shaping delightful tastes and tantalising aromas, each bottle from Col Solare speaks volumes of its unflinching commitment to quality.

Visiting Col Solare is as much an auditory and visual experience, as it is gustatory. Engaging tours and informative tastings are conducted by their highly trained staff, set against a backdrop of stately architecture, juxtaposed with the rugged majesty of Red Mountain.

The undeniable charm of Col Solare winery lies not only in the divine wine it produces, but in the passion, precision, and persistent reverence it pays to the land that makes it all possible. With each visit, every sip, an intricate story is unfolded, a heritage explored, a legacy savoured.

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