About Dobogo

Nestled in the picturesque environs of the Tokaji region in Hungary, Dobogo winery is a beacon of exquisite winemaking. Embracing the traditions of the land while employing modern techniques in their robust methodologies, this winery, the very name of which translates to 'Thumping Heart', leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a rollicking heart-thumping experience for its visitors.

Dobogo essentially emulates Hungarian ethos within its bottles. The winery specializes in the production of Tokaji wines, celebrated the world over for their luscious sweetness and astoundingly refreshing, accentuated acidic notes. The noble rot, unique to this region, imparts the essential characteristics music to the oenophiles.

The vineyards, interspersed with volcanic soils and a subtle Mediterranean climate, are a testament to the perfect unity of natural elements that provide the grapes with their distinctive flavour. The Furmint and Hárslevelű vines, each aged meticulously, add to the core of the vineyard's inimitable output. As long-standing cultivators of these grape varietals, Dobogo’s passion and expertise are truly beyond challenge.

The vernacular aesthetic of Dobogo extends beyond its viticultural interests. The winery itself is housed within a 18th-century edifice, forging an irresistible blend of history, architecture, and oenology. This lends an unforgettable character to the whole experience of visiting Dobogo, transporting visitors back in time, as they savour the spectacular wines it proudly presents,

Offering a diverse repertoire from dry whites to delectable late-harvest dessert wines and including the coveted Aszú wines, Dobogo Winery is a real-life manifestation of 'liquid gold'. Considered among Hungary’s finest, its offerings are as tantalising on the palate as they are enchanted in richness and complexity.

In effect, Dobogo is more than a winery it is emblematic of the gastronomic spirit of Hungary's famed wine country. It triumphs not merely as a producer of world-class wine, rather it captures the essence, vitality and venerable traditions of its land in each bottle. Dobogo invites the world to experience and share in the splendour of Hungarian winemaking.

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