Domaine William Fevre

Domaine William Fevre

About Domaine William Fevre

Located in the scenic region of Chablis, France, Domaine William Fèvre is a renowned winery celebrated for its exceptional vintages and commitment to tradition. For those seeking to experience the richness and depth of flavours of genuine Chablis wines, there is perhaps no better place to explore.

Established in 1959. by William Fèvre. A Chablis native whose family had lived in the region for over 250 years, the winery is highly respected for maintaining traditional winemaking techniques. Today, the estate is under the careful stewardship of the Henriot family, who have continued the ethos of their predecessors, remaining committed to expressing the purest form of terroir in their wines.

The winery boasts one of the largest landholdings in Chablis, with 78 hectares of vineyards, which include an exceptional portfolio of premier cru and grand cru sites. Here, they cultivate the notoriously temperamental Chardonnay grape, nurturing it until it bestows the grapes necessary to create the distinctive beautifully crisp, mineral wines that are a signature of the region.

Domaine William Fèvre, despite its deep roots in tradition, does not shy away from innovation. The winemaking process is a harmonious blend of old and new, with the employment of modern technology designed to protect and enhance the unique characteristics of their Chablis wines. Sustainability is also a significant focus for the winery, which operates under organic farming principles to preserve the ecological richness of the land.

Each bottle from Domaine William Fèvre winery is not merely a wine; it is a piece of Chablis' history, a journey through its terroir, and testament to the passion of those who lovingly care for each vine. Whether a casual wine enthusiast or a dedicated oenophile, a visit to the Domaine William Fèvre winery is worth considering, offering an immersive exploration into the world of Chablis wine.

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