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Situated in Germany's acclaimed Mosel wine region, the Dr Loosen winery boasts centuries of wine-making heritage, coupled with a modern vision to create award-winning wines. These historic winery is currently owned by the charismatic Ernie Loosen. Scion of the venerated Loosen family, Ernie has been at the helm of the winery since 1986, originally taking over from his father.

The estate spreads across a significant portion of the region’s prime vineyard sites. Where steep, south-facing slopes bask in all-day sunshine, encouraging the growth of world class Riesling grapes. Here’s where the extraordinary begins though. The gnarled, old vines are still deeply rooted in mineral-rich slate soil, some straining their tendrils for up to 30 metres deep!

The real differentiation in these vineyards, however; is their age. Some vines are over 120 years old, having never been subjected to artificial fertilisers. This not only preserves the integrity of the soil but also enhances the character and complexity of the wines.

Ernie Loosen's commitment to producing high quality, authentic Rieslings is indisputable. He employs sustainable viticulture, reducing yields to concentrate flavours and utilising spontaneous fermentation to promote terroir expression. The result is dry, sweet, and off-dry wines that perfectly showcases the authentic flavours of the Mosel.

In recognition of its commitment to traditional wine-making methods, the Dr Loosen winery has received numerous accolades worldwide. Including outstanding reviews from sommeliers and critics alike. Amongst these honours, it has been named winery of the year by leading global wine publications and continues receiving numerous, top scores for its individual wines.

Although it keeps evolving, the Dr Loosen's winery remains committed to producing quality wines that respect its storied history and continue to captivate wine enthusiasts. Whether you're a Riesling aficionado or wish to experience the brilliance of German wine, Dr Loosen winery is certainly one to watch.

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