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Esk Valley

About Esk Valley

Nestled in New Zealand's scenic Hawke’s Bay Region, Esk Valley Winery is a perfect embodiment of the area's rich wine tradition. A wonder in its own right, the winery boasts a unique, boutique charm and exquisite wine range inspired by the very soul of its surroundings.

Established back in 1933, Esk Valley has survived the passage of time and now thrives as one of the most respected wineries in the region. Its history is steeped in tradition, and this is evident in its age-old winemaking techniques and estate-owned vineyards.

Every drop of wine produced at Esk Valley Winery carries an expressive character that is rich, full-bodied and diverse, mirroring the region's lush landscapes. The winery specialises in six types of wine including Merlot Cabernet, Pinot Gris Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc. Each variety is carefully crafted to encapsulate the essence of the region, creating an unforgettable flavour experience for those lucky enough to sample it.

Driven by the belief that exceptional wines are born in the vineyard, Esk Valley is dedicated to sustainable viticulture. They maintain their own vines and prioritise manual harvesting, ensuring that their fruits are treated with utmost respect and care.

Lastly, the winery offers an immersive experience for wine enthusiasts. From tastings in the Art Deco-styled cellar door, walking the vineyards, or exploring the wine museum, there’s enough to keep any wine lover, or indeed, any visitor, enthralled.

A visit to Esk Valley Winery is not just about tasting wine it's about experiencing the journey from vine to bottle. This is a destination where fine wine, history and natural beauty collide to give visitors a truly unforgettable experience.

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