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Frost Pocket

About Frost Pocket

Remotely nestled in the serene Berkshire Hills, the Frost Pocket Winery is a hidden gem that has quickly caught the attention of critics and wine lovers alike. Known for its wide array of quality wines, this winery boasts a unique selection of reds, whites and sparkling varietals.

This tranquil vineyard stretches across picturesque landscapes that truly capture the beauty of England's countryside. The frost pockets — microclimates colder than other areas at the same elevation on similar slopes — create an unusual temperature fluctuation, enhancing grape quality in a fascinating way.

The stunning landscape and hearty vines create a harmonious blend of beauty and flavour. They cultivate a selection of grapes including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. Although a relative newcomer in the English wine scene, Frost Pocket holds its own in terms of competitiveness and product quality.

There's something very special about touring Frost Pocket, where visitors can savour a journey through the vineyard, conduit by friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to answer any question. The winery's tours are comprehensive, starting with an overview of viticulture, moving on to the intriguing process of wine-making and of course, culminating in a tasting session of their exquisitely created wines.

The Frost Pocket tonal quality speaks volumes about the passion and commitment that goes into the wine-making process. It's a true homage to English viticulture, delivered through a captivating symphony of complex yet balanced aromas and an unforgettable palate.

Frost Pocket Winery offers more than just fine wines: it is an enriching experience for the soul. For those seeking a splendid day out in the beautiful Berkshire countryside and a taste of England's exceptional viticulture; this is the perfect place to visit.

A visit to Frost Pocket Winery is more than just a winery tour it's a trip into the heart of England's wine culture.

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