About Gaja

Gaja winery is a family-owned gem nestled in the heart of Piemonte's Langhe region, Italy. Established in 1859, it has a rich history and upholds a legendary reputation as a premier producer of fine wines. Over the years, it perfected the art of creating vintages with remarkable consistency and quality, making it one of the most celebrated wineries in the world.

The winery boasts a strong focus on traditional Italian grape varieties such as Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. These are used in the production of its illustrious red wines, including the iconic Barbaresco. Besides, Gaja winery has also ventured into crafting exquisite whites. Interestingly, the Gaja family were pioneers in introducing French grape varieties to Italy, an innovation that contributed to their global success.

At the helm of this renowned winery is the charismatic Angelo Gaja. His vision, passion, and unyielding pursuit; of quality has propelled the Gaja brand to international fame. Angelo’s dynamic leadership fostered a culture that values tradition while embracing innovation and modern techniques. His wines are often hailed as a harmonious blend of the Old World charm and the New World sophistication.

As a visitor, one gets to experience unmatched hospitality that reflects the family’s warm personality. Walking through the lush vineyards, absorbing the stunning landscapes, and tasting the exceptional wines offer a truly divine experience.

Aside from its vineyards in Piemonte, Gaja winery also has properties in Tuscany, where they produce wines that are equally lauded. The famous Gaja Sori San Lorenzo, for instance, is produced in the revered Montalcino region. Angelo’s daughters, Gaia and Rossana, continue to expand the family’s wine empire and are key figures in maintaining its stature.

In essence Gaja winery represents a beautiful amalgamation of tradition, innovation and excellence, providing wine enthusiasts an unforgettable taste of Italian finesse.

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