About Glaetzer

Distinctively Australian, Glaetzer Winery is renowned for its artful blend of traditional winemaking techniques coupled with innovative practices. Nestled deep in the renowned Barossa Valley, the winery is a family-owned affair, an authentic reflection of Australian heritage and viticulture that dates back over a century.

Founded in 1995 by the Glaetzer family, the winery has continued to carve an impressive niche in Australia's wine scene. It has rapidly gained recognition for its superlative red wines, particularly for their expressive Shiraz and Grenache blends. From the outset, the vision of the Glaetzer family was clear - to create wines that epitomise both region and varietal, with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Amassing a multitude of accolades on a global stage, Glaetzer is a beacon of Australian winemaking prowess. Colin Glaetzer, the patriarch, took the reins of the vineyard from his father. He had an unwavering faith in Barossa Valley’s ability to produce full-bodied, fruit-driven wines with incredible longevity. Ben Glaetzer, Colin's son, continues the legacy, adding a touch of modernity in the process. His innovative approach and precise craftsmanship evolve with each vintage, resulting in wines that are both powerfully intense and elegantly refined.

The winery heart lies in the Ebenezer district, a celebrated sub-region in Northern Barossa. Here, the ancient dry-grown vineyards, some over 80 years old, provides the essential character to the Glaetzer label. Resilient and weathered, they produce low yields of intensely flavoured fruit, creating deep, robust wines that are a testament to their storied past.

Fine balance, profound depths and subtle complexities - these are the hallmarks of Glaetzer's wine. Reflecting the land they come from, they encapsulate the spirit, the tenacity, and the sheer brilliance of the Barossa Valley, their intensity and simplicity reflect upon Australia's rugged beauty, echoing the passion of the Glaetzer family in every drop.

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