About Greywacke

Renowned for its plush New Zealand wines, Greywacke is a winery that epitomises the concept of terroir, by accentuating the distinctive qualities of Marlborough's unique landscapes. Settled in the heart of Marlborough, this captivating winery is known for crafting some of the world's most exceptional wines - a philosophy deeply rooted in their tradition.

The founder, Kevin Judd, has a storied history with New Zealand wine, being instrumental in the early success of Cloudy Bay; a landmark that truly put New Zealand on the global wine map. In 2009, after 25 years of dedication to Cloudy Bay, Judd ventured into his own wine-making journey, giving birth to Greywacke. His exceptional photographic skills artistically reflect in his winemaking technique, as he approaches each varietal with a meticulous eye for detail, precision and individual expression.

Greywacke's lineup of wines is pretty diverse, including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Pinot Noir. Each bottle possesses a unique personality that showcases the diverse characteristics of Marlborough's terroir. These wines are sensual and savoury, with a mineral freshness that remains a signature of Greywacke.

Sauvignon Blanc is their showcase product and is highly acclaimed for its unique blend of rich texture and exuberant aromatics. Stratified layers of flavours, reminiscent of luscious tropical fruits and a piercing vein of citrus; cast together to create a perfectly balanced wine with a markedly long finish. If you want to taste some truly Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Greywacke should definitely be the first choice.

Visitors to Greywacke can experience wine tasting in a tranquil location with an incredible view of the lush vineyards and majestic mountains. There you'll find more than just great wine, you'll discover a beautiful location forged by nature and lovingly cultivated by devoted vintners. It's no wonder why Greywacke has become a legendary name in New Zealand's wine industry, continually representing the pinnacle of Marlborough wine production.

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