Groot Constantia

Groot Constantia

About Groot Constantia

Nestled in the fertile Cape Town valley, Groot Constantia is South Africa's oldest and most distinguished winery. With a history tracing back to 1685, the winery has maintained its pursuit of excellence and refined wine-making to a pitch-perfect art.

A visit to the winery affords visitors the chance to experience an evolving tale that marries modern wine-making techniques with a rich historical tapestry. As a national monument and living museum, the estate's historical buildings exude an old-world charm and remind one of the country's Dutch colonial past. The collection of grand manor houses, original wine cellars and charming farm buildings combine to create an ambience of tranquillity and historic sophistication.

At Groot Constantia, every grape is handpicked ensuring that the final product is second to none, Furthering this attention to detail, the winery's meticulous production techniques result in award-winning wines that have shone on the global stage; earning respect from discerning wine-lovers worldwide.

The estate's restaurant, Jonkershuis, boasts traditional Cape Malay cuisine complementing the fine selection of wines. Guests can dine under the canopy of a millennium-old oak tree or next to a roaring fire in winter. The estate also offers a selection of intimate tasting rooms where one can savour the distinctive qualities that have given Groot Constantia’s wines their world-class reputation.

Touring the Groot Constantia winery is not to be missed; you can explore the scenic vineyards, witness the wine-making process, and visit the intriguing museum – all rounded off with a delectable wine-tasting experience.

Rich in history, embraced by nature, and driven by a commitment to quality, this winery is a testament to South Africa's viniculture and, beyond that, its cultural identity. An experience that will leave both the casual plonk consumer and the avid oenophile equally enchanted; there is a timeless elegance to Groot Constantia that lingers long after the last drop of wine has been savoured.

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