About Henschke

Henschke winery, a five-generation legacy, is a cherished gem in Australia's Eden Valley. The winery’s name resounds globally among wine connoisseurs, revered for its meticulously tended vineyards and precise vinification methods.

This family-owned establishment dates back to 1868, when Johann Christian Henschke, of Silesian descent, planted his first vineyard, laying the foundation of one of the world’s oldest winemaking families. The torch has been passed down through generations and is currently carried by Stephen Henschke and his viticulturist wife, Prue.

The Henschke winery has been recognised multiple times for its dedication to sustainable and organic farming practices. By eschewing synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, they have managed to foster a diverse and dynamic ecosystem in the vineyards. Prue’s extraordinary efforts have resulted in some of the healthiest and most balanced soils in the region, thus producing wines of remarkable intensity and character.

The winery's rich history is matched by its exceptional portfolio of boutique wines; They are renowned for their distinct mineral character and sublime complexity. This includes the iconic Hill of Grace, Other standout wines including the Cyril Henschke Cabernet Sauvignon and Mount Edelstone Shiraz. But the real magic of Henschke’s wines lies not just in the final products, but also in the careful craftsmanship that goes into making each bottle.

Nestled against the undulating Eden Valley, the setting is just as spectacular. The Old Grain Store offers tastings and bespoke experiences, allowing visitors to indulgence their senses, tasting exceptional vintages while overlooking the mesmerising vineyard landscapes.

If you should ever find yourself in Australia, a visit to the Henschke winery is quite simply a must. With its exceptional wines, stunning location and their passionate approach to crafting world-class wines, it's not a hidden gem anymore; it's a star shining brightly in the world of winemaking.

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