Humberto Canale

Humberto Canale

About Humberto Canale

Established in 1909, Humberto Canale winery is among the oldest wineries in Argentina. Nestled in the heart of the Rio Negro Valley, the winery has enhanced Argentina's wine culture over the last century. Bearing the name of its founder, the Humberto Canale winery pays homage to a pioneering spirit and relentless pursuit of winemaking excellence.

Winemaking in Patagonia, a region revered for its scenery as well as its complex terroir, has been revolutionised by Humberto Canale and his team. In the midst of rolling vineyards and vast apple orchards, the Humberto Canale winery's soulful presence marks it out as a place of inspiration and endeavour. The region's arid desert climate, tempered by brisk winds from surrounding snow-capped peaks creates a unique microclimate, perfect for the cultivation of grapes.

Through maintaining traditional techniques and marrying them with innovative winemaking technologies, the winery produces a diverse range of wines which stand as testament to the rich heritage of this pristine region. Humberto Canale's wines are characterised by intense fruit flavours, great structure and the perfect balance between natural acidity and sugar content; attributes synonymous with quality Argentinean wines.

The wines emerging from Humberto Canale have garnered significant recognition on an international stage. In fact, esteemed sommeliers and wine critics have commended the winery’s consistent dedication to quality. Most notably are its Malbec and Pinot Noir varietals; which are fast becoming celebrated staples among wine connoisseurs world-wide.

If you're seeking to taste wines birthed from the raw beauty of Patagonia's unique terrior, visit Humberto Canale winery. Its splendour, as well as the passion, creative energy and dedication of its team, ensures a rewarding experience for the senses.

From vineyard to bottle, Humberto Canale is undeniably a winery steeped in rich history, nurtured by an unfailing commitment to viticulture and quality winemaking; which continues to stimulate both mind and palate.

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