About Inniskillin

Nestled in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, stands the iconic, Inniskillin winery. A global sensation and Canada’s most cherished wine producer!

Established in 1975 by Austrian chemist, Karl J. Kaiser, and agriculture scholar, Donald Ziraldo, Inniskillin began its aromatic journey as a small vine planting experiment. Fast forward many years under careful cultivation, it now comprises a sprawling 35-acre property adorned with lush vineyards. It is recognised globally as the pioneering voice for Canadian icewine and table wine production

Inniskillin is renowned for transforming the frigid Canadian winters into an unlikely advantage. They do this by utilising the unique process of making icewine, a sweet and decadent dessert wine made from naturally frozen Vitis vinifera grapes. The technique, despite being labour-intensive and time-consuming, gives birth to wines that are rich, sumptuous and unlike anything else in the world.

The winery offers a sophisticated tasting room and wine boutique where guests can sample their varied selection, including their signature Riesling and Vidal Icewines. Patrons are invited to partake in Inniskillin's educational tours alongside tastings to discover the secrets behind their incredible winemaking techniques.

What distinguishes Inniskillin is not solely its high-quality icewines, but its commitment to sustainable farming - a testimony to its respect for the enchanting landscape that it calls home. The winery is also a member of Sustainable Winemaking Ontario equipped with an "LEED Canada Certified" vineyard pavilion, exclusively powered using solar panels.

Through the years, Inniskillin has received numerous international accolades, cementing Canadian wine on the world stage. With each passing season, this stunning winery continues to celebrate, sharing Canada’s premium wines and its captivating wine-making tale with the rest of the world - an inspiring beacon of Canadian spirit.

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