About Jansz

Nestled in the picturesque region of Tasmania, the Jansz winery is an emblem of the very best in Australian winemaking. Renowned for its profound commitment to quality, this distinguished winery captivates the senses with its ethereal drinks and breathtaking landscapes.

Named after the Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman, who was the first to set foot on Tasmania's pristine shores. The Jansz winery is deeply rooted in history, maintaining an enchanting blend of heritage and innovation that's reflected in every bottle. Their vineyards stretch over lush fertile lands, reaping the benefits of a temperate maritime climate, the ideal conditions for cultivating premium grapes.

Best known for their luxurious Méthode Tasmanoise sparkling wines, Jansz's exquisite range of wines is a testament to their meticulous winemaking process. Each bottle is carefully crafted, undergoing a time-honed method and embodying the land's unique terroir. The result is a tantalising fusion of flavours that seduces the palate and enthral in every sip.

But it's not just about the wine. A visit to Jansz's winery provides an experiential delight, promising an immersive and enlightening journey into the world of premium wine production. Visitors are welcomed into a stunningly adorned tasting room and can relish the opportunity to sample their finest wines whilst soaking in Tasmania's magnificent panoramas.

Indeed, the Jansz winery is, in essence, a symphony of elegance and pleasure that transcends the mere act of drinking wine. This place doesn't just produce a bottle of wine—even one as excellent as their sparkling wines—it tells the story of Australian winemaking, woven into the very fabric of the Tasmanian landscape. An experience at Jansz Winery is truly a sensorial treat, perfectly merging the flavours of the land and the richness of history with the gentle touch of winemaking craftsmanship,

For wine aficionados and leisure seekers alike, the Jansz Winery is a must-visit destination and a testament to Tasmania's enduring wine heritage. Indeed, it's the epitome of a Tasmanian gem.

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