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Jim Barry

About Jim Barry

Nestled in the picturesque Clare Valley wine region of South Australia, is the esteemed Jim Barry winery, renowned for its exceptional award-winning wines. Established in 1959, the winery bears the name of its founder, Jim Barry, a trailblazer who was the 17th qualified winemaker in Australia. Over sixty years on, his enduring legacy continues to shape the winery’s passion for innovation and dedication to excellence.

The Jim Barry cellar door lies among the rolling hills which straddle the Wakefield River, offering visitors a stunning panorama encapsulating vine-covered countryside and crystal-clear blue skies. The winery's sprawling vineyards are spread across a landscape rich in limestone and sedimentary rock, presenting ideal conditions for the vines to yield bountiful and characterful fruit.

Jim Barry winery is highly praised for its extraordinary range of wines, featuring an exquisite blend of both whites' and reds. Perhaps the standout wine, however, is "The Armagh"; an intense and richly flavoured Shiraz which is laced with notes of dark chocolate, ripe fruits and beautifully integrated oak. Equally splendid is the Riesling collection, particularly their "The Florita", a superbly aromatic and stunningly balanced vintage that is world-renowned for its finesse and refinement.

The winery maintains a firm commitment to sustainable viticulture, harnessing the power of solar energy and natural rainfall, while ensuring to preserve the region’s biodiversity.

A testament to its prowess, Jim Barry winery has been bestowed numerous accolades, including the coveted James Halliday Winery of the Year in 2020 but most importantly, it continues to be a beloved destination for wine enthusiasts from across the globe. Inviting guests to enjoy captivating tours, tastings, and events, the charm of Jim Barry extends beyond its storied vines and velvety wines;, it creates a holistic and memorable experience that leaves a lingering taste of the exceptional.

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