About Jordan

Nestled among the rolling hills of Alexander Valley, in the radiant region of Sonoma County, California, lies the iconic Jordan Winery. Consecrated in 1976, it is widely recognised for it's dedication to exceptional winemaking, culinary artfulness, and unrivalled hospitality. With their belief steeped in the French perspective of wine and food in unity, they have brought a touch of elegance to Sonoma Country.

Upon entering Jordan's premises, you're immediately enveloped in an air of tranquillity and affluence reminiscent of an elegant French château. Stretched across 1,200 acres of fertile lands, the estate is a blend of olive trees, vines, orchards and a chef's garden. Nestled amongst these are two iconic vineyards - the 112 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and the 18 acres of Chardonnay vines, which are, undeniably, the crowning glory of Jordan Winery.

It is in these vineyards that Jordan Winery’s elegance truly blooms. Its Cabernet Sauvignon, well known for its consistency and quality, exudes focus and balance, while the Chardonnay captivates with its exuberant flavours of ripe fruits and crisp finish.

Beyond the vines, lies the winery's kitchen. It is here, under the deft hands of Executive Chef Todd Knoll, where farm-to-table entrees, meticulously crafted to complement the winery's remarkable wines, are brought to life. Both the wine and food experience at Jordan seamlessly blend into a harmonious symphony.

Encapsulating a vision of contemporaneity and refinement, Jordan Winery isn’t just a place to taste exquisite wines. It’s a destination that draws individuals in, with its serene ambience, hospitable staff and delicious gastronomic offerings. Indeed; it is a testament to the bond between wine and food, redolent of a timeless allure.

However, there's another element that sets Jordan Winery apart - commitment to sustainability. Under the stewardship of the second-generation vintner, John Jordan. The winery cultivates its grapes in an environmentally responsible manner, thus contributing to preserving the region's bountiful biodiversity.

No matter how you look at it! Jordan Winery is more than just a winery. It’s a living, breathing testament to the harmony of innovation and tradition and the magic that is born out of the bond between nature and man.

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