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Kim Crawford

About Kim Crawford

Kim Crawford winery is a marvellous example of New Zealand's ingenuity and commitment to producing world-class wines. Established by Kim Crawford and his wife Erica in 1996, the winery has since become a household name, lauded globally for its quality and distinctively flaunting the true characters of New Zealand in each bottle.

Renown for their passion for making wine that offers both style and substance. The Crawford’s commitment to consistency and quality has branded Kim Crawford winery as a powerhouse in the New Zealand wine industry. Despite its relatively young age, the winery has won numerous awards and its vibrant yet sophisticated wines are highly regarded in international circles.

Situated in the picturesque Marlborough region, the winery is surrounded by breathtaking views of lush vineyards nestled between mountain ranges and rivers. The area's dry, sunny climate and diverse soils provide an ideal environment for the growth of various grape varieties – particularly Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, the stars of Kim Crawford's wine production.

Kim Crawford winery takes an innovative approach to winemaking. They utilise the perfect blending of modern technology and traditional winemaking methods, ensuring the raw character and freshness of the wine is kept intact. The wines are known for their vibrant, fruit-forward flavour profiles. Every bottle captures the essence of the unique terroir of New Zealand.

The winery hosts various wine events where visitors can taste their exceptional wines paired with delightful foods. It offers a fantastic tasting experience, immersing all your senses into the flavours and aromas of its exquisite collection. Venturing into a Kim Crawford wine tasting is an exploration of New Zealand's incredible winemaking heritage,

Kim Crawford Winery’s global reputation is a testament to the diligence and passion of its founders and team. For them, making wine is more than just a procedure, its a lifestyle and testament to New Zealand's remarkable prowess in the craft of winemaking.

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