Kleine Zalze

Kleine Zalze

About Kleine Zalze

Kleine Zalze is a captivating winery nestled in the verdant heart of Stellenbosch, South Africa. This esteemed family-owned vineyard adorns a picturesque sanctuary of sparkling lakes and tree-lined lanes, which serve as the canvas upon which Kleine Zalze's exceptional story unfolds.

The vineyard, established in 1695, has coma a long way; its current custodian, the dynamic Kobus Basson, took the reins toward the end of the 20th century. Under his innovative leadership, Kleine Zalze has journeyed from local significance to global acclaim.

Kleine Zalze pride themselves on their holistic approach to winemaking. They integrate traditional techniques with modern technology, creating a line of award-winning wines that enchant the palate. Key to Kleine Zalze's success is their commitment to terroir -- recognising how regional characteristics shape the quality and personality of their wines. Varieties include aromatic Sauvignon Blanc, distinguished Cabernet Sauvignon and the national treasure that is Chenin Blanc; each revealing the unique South African influence in every sumptuous sip.

Winemaking, however, is only part of the enchanting Kleine Zalze tapestry. The estate cleverly complements their world-class wines with exceptional culinary experiences. Terroir Restaurant, led by celebrated chef Michael Broughton, provides epicurean delights that harmonise exquisitely with the vineyard's acclaimed vintages. For an elevated dining experience, Kleine Zalze's Lodge offers a four-star guesthouse, blending rustic charm with refined elegance.

Whether you're a connoisseur of fine wine a foodie seeking the best pairing or a traveller wanting a genuine South African experience, Kleine Zalze's exceptionally inviting vineyard has you covered. Venture to Stellenbosch and discover how Kleine Zalze harmonises the rich heritage of South African viticulture with a progressive vision to create a winery like no other.

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