About Kooyong

Kooyong winery, nestled in Australia's distinguished Mornington Peninsula, is undoubtedly an epitome of world-class winemaking. Known for producing some of the finest cool-climate wines, its idyllic location tends to cultivate varieties that are epitome to elegance and complexity.

Kooyong’s nobility doesn't merely hinge upon the high-quality wines it churns out year after year, but equally on its commitment to sustainable winemaking. The winery delicately balances traditional techniques with innovative practices, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while maximising the wines’ nuances of character. As sustainability becomes increasingly pivotal in our society, it's Kooyong’s steadfast adherence to environmentally friendly practices that sets them apart.

The core of their portfolio consists of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, both varieties that thrive in the cool maritime climate of the Mornington Peninsula. These wines are a testament to the region's diverse microclimates, each adding a distinct layer of richness and refinement to our palette. Known for their elegant vibrancy, their Chardonnay is light and fresh, with an underpinning minerality while the Pinot Noir is intrinsically textured with a vibrant fruit core – a true reflection on the peninsula’s soil and climate.

Of particular note, the winery's meticulous focus on viticulture - the drops are produced from estate-grown, handpicked grapes - which are then carefully nurtured in the vineyard’s French oak barrels.

One of the most endearing aspects of Kooyong, apart from its exceptional wines, is its contemporary yet rustic wine cellar. Designed to reflect the earthy nature of their wine-making philosophy, this cosy nook offers breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards and adds an element of tranquillity to the overall wine tasting experience.

Finally in a nutshell, Kooyong winery is where tradition meets innovation, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. It is a must for all oenophiles who appreciate superior quality wines and a commitment to environmental sustainability. The estate beckons to be explored, the wines beckon to be tasted,!

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