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La Giustiniana

About La Giustiniana

La Giustiniana is a celebrated winery nestled in the heart of Italy’s Piedmont region. This family-run establishment offers an authentic taste of Italy, specialising in producing world-renowned wines from traditional grape varieties.

Rich in tradition, the winery has been passed down through generations, with each heir nurturing and preserving its unique charm and timeless quality. With 100 years of winemaking history under its belt, La Giustiniana gleans its name from a historic estate based within the village of Mango.

Specifically, La Giustiniana is recognised for its mastery of Gavi di Gavi wines. Crafted from the distinguished Cortese grape variety, these wines are primarily harvested from 26 hectares of vineyards that are owned and controlled by the estate. For serious oenophiles, the allure of these famed wines lies in their delicate notes of green apple, peach, and the distinct undertone of flint-derived minerality which make excellent accompaniments to seafood or aperitifs.

Featuring a harmony of age-old traditions with modern wine production methods. At La Giustiniana, visitors have the opportunity to explore the estate, witness the vineyard's metamorphosis across seasons and delve into the winemaking process first-hand. The tour culminates in a delightful wine-tasting session, pairing a selection of innovative and traditional wines with locally-sourced produce, truly capturing the essence of the Piedmont region and leaving an unforgettable gustatory imprint.

In the pursuit of sustainability, this winery proudly uses organic farming practices, hence promoting biodiversity on the estate. Water management systems and solar panels are employed throughout to reduce its carbon footprint; thus aligning commitment to quality wine production with the welfare of its surrounding environment!

La Giustiniana stands as testament to the Italian passion for winemaking. Combining family tradition with cutting-edge technology, the winery consistently delivers quality wines brimming with the unique taste and aroma of the Piedmont region. Truly a must-visit haven for wine enthusiasts, history buffs and eco-conscious travellers alike.

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