Larry Cherubino

Larry Cherubino

About Larry Cherubino

Renowned for fine quality and exquisite taste, Larry Cherubino Wines towers as one of Western Australia's most reputed wineries. Situated conveniently in the picturesque Ferguson Valley, the winery plants its roots in a region abundant with diverse microclimates and fertile soil. This location provides an ideal setting for cultivating a rich tag of grapes, which skillfully transform into the winery's luxurious wine selection.

Larry Cherubino himself, a respected figure in the Australian wine industry, utilizes a blend of traditional and innovative winemaking techniques. Cherubino's unyielding dedication to quality and precision, along with his natural talent for viniculture, is palpable in each bottle produced.

The winery offers a vast selection of wines, ranging from robust Reds to crisp Whites and vibrant Rosés. Each bottle encapsulates a distinct sensation that embodies the flavourful uniqueness of the region. Noteworthy among these, is the Ad Hoc range, an eclectic collection that brings a contemporary edge to traditional winemaking. The Pedestal and Apostrophe lines exhibit elevated eloquence, reflecting Cherubino's personal voice in winemaking and offering a laser-focused approach to capturing the essence of each grape variety,

To ensure the quality of their offerings, the winery meticulously oversees every stage of production, from the vine to the bottle. Cherubino's winemaking philosophy centres around minimal intervention, allowing the vineyards' unique character and charm to breathe life into each wine,

Visitors to Larry Cherubino Wines can look forward to an immersive winery experience. Tastings are offered in a relaxed setting and tours of the vineyards provide a closer look at the intricate winemaking process. For those with a penchant for gourmet delights, the winery also operates a restaurant that serves culinary creations, perfectly paired with Larry Cherubino's wine collection.

Remarkably elegant, Larry Cherubino Wines presents a compelling story told through unique tastes and aromas. The brand stands as a testament to the unmatched craftsmanship and quality that characterises the Australian wine landscape.

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