Leeuwin Estate

Leeuwin Estate

About Leeuwin Estate

Tucked away in the heartwestern reaches of Australia, lies an enchanting vineyard that has been a significant figure in the world of wine for over four decades, Leeuwin Estate. Located in the picturesque Margaret River wine region, its scenic vistas of manicured vineyards and pristine forests, are a testament to the aesthetic allure it extends.

Leeuwin Estate, a family-run business, was born of love for winemaking. Today, it is renowned for producing wines of exceptional quality and unique character, out of which its 'Art Series' Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon have received international acclaim. These distinctive creations have honoured Leeuwin with numerous awards, thereby solidifying its reputation on the global stage.

The estate also brims with a rich sense of culture and art, the allure of which transcends beyond its wine production. The estate's art gallery showcases an impressive collection of contemporary Australian artworks: each striking piece encapsulates the spirit and essence of the vineyard.

Furthermore, Leeuwin Estate is famed for hosting marquee events throughout the year, ranging from exceptional culinary experiences to concerts featuring internationally acclaimed artists. These events enhance the allure of the vineyard, drawing visitors broad.

Within Leeuwin's rustic charm, one experiences a convergence of winemaking heritage, contemporary culture and unparalleled natural beauty. The estate’s commitment to producing wine of the highest quality, combined with it's strong ties to the arts make it an extraordinarily unique destination. A visit to Leeuwin Estate is not simply about tasting wine, it’s about immersing oneself in a multi-faceted journey of sensory discoveries.

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