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Located in the beating heart of New Zealand's vibrant wine country, LeftField winery is a true testament to the craft of wine production. With an enchanting backdrop of anamorphic, verdant vineyards, this winery embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation that reverberates through the world of winemaking.

At LeftField, the methodology combines traditional winemaking techniques with the vigour of renegade creativity. Borne from the fertile soils of New Zealand's revered terroir, LeftField cultivates varietals that present a unique amalgamation of flavours and sensations. These range from crisp, refreshing whites to decadently rich reds and even lively, effervescent rosés. LeftField is dedicated to challenging the conventional and surpassing expectations at every turn.

Each bottle from this winery tells a different story, reflecting the passion and dedication that goes into crafting exceptional wines. The team at LeftField is all in for producing wines that provoke thought and curiosity. They craft epicurean experiences that are as dynamic and exciting as the varietals grown in their distinctive vineyards.

LeftField is, a purveyor of experiences, offering wine tours that provide visitors with an intimate look at the winemaking process. From the initial harvesting of the grapes to the final bottling stage, these tours narrate the saga of each bottle's creation. Visitors are invited not only to savour the wonderful array of wines but also to meet the dynamic team behind the magic.

With LeftField winery, every bottle is an adventure. Rooted in traditional techniques yet imbued with a spirit of playful creativity, LeftField offers a winemaking experience that is anything but ordinary. Delve into a world of flavour and artistry, where every sip paints a picture and every bottle tells a tale. Whether you're an aficionado or a casual wine enthusiast, LeftField winery welcomes all to explore the left field of winemaking.

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