About Maculan

Nestled in the heart of the Italian region, Veneto, lies a gem of exceptional winemaking, the Maculan Winery. Spanning three generations, the legacy of Maculan has been firmly rooted in the art of creating world-class wines, that embody the unique character of the Venetian landscape.

The winery dates back to the 1930s when Pietro Maculan boldly launched his wine venture in the small town of Breganze. His endeavour was fuelled by a deep passion for winemaking, an attribute that is still very much alive in the family today. Pietro’s grandson, Fausto, currently runs the show, ensuring each wine reflects the rich heritage of the Maculan name.

One of the distinctive traits of Maculan is its commitment to utilise both local and international grape varieties ranging from Cabernet Sauvignon to Vespiaolo. Adding to the finesse of their wines, the team at Maculan adhere to meticulous wine-making procedures, a key factor in their successful vintages. The Maculan Winery also boasts a range of dessert wines that's sure to delight the sweet-toothed aficionado, with an inviting hint of sophistication and delicacy.

Another note-worthy aspect of Maculan is its idyllic hillside location, which allows for exemplary vineyard conditions. The combination of fertile volcanic soil and the cool sea breezes have proved to be the perfect recipe for growing the finest grapes. Wine lovers around the globe have discovered the charm of Maculan wines - with its earthy notes, robust depth of flavour and subtle hints of the Venetian terroir.

Despite being steeped in history and tradition, the Maculan Winery embraces modern viticultural techniques to enhance the quality of its wines,. They've managed to strike a delicate balance between preserving the rich lineage of their wines and embracing innovation. Visiting the Maculan Winery, you're greeted with a warming blend of family hospitality, intertwined with the excellence in craftsmanship that has graced the Maculan wines for decades.

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