Man O' War

Man O' War

About Man O' War

Nestled on the beautiful island of Waiheke in New Zealand, Man O’ War is a vineyard that has not only been blessed with a stunning location, but has also quickly earned an enviable reputation for its impressive selection of top-notch, world-class wines.

The winery’s unique location, sandwiched between the warm Hauraki Gulf and the ocean breeze, offers an ideal environment for grape cultivation. It stays cool enough to slow ripening and retain freshness, yet warm enough to allow full, ripe flavours to develop. With meticulously tended plots scattered over the island's hilly terrain at different elevations, the grapes are imbued with a wide range of nuances that makes each wine distinctive.

Man O' War specialises in red, white, and rosé wines - each created through careful and traditional winemaking techniques. The result is nothing short of excellence, with a focus on balance, texture and an engaging complexity.

Perhaps the jewel in Man O’ War's crown? Their flagship, the 'Ironclad', a powerful Bordeaux blend which is remarkable for its depth of fruit and finessed finish. However, the 'Valhalla' Chardonnay, exhibiting a masterful juxtaposition of crisp acidity and succulent fruit flavours, is also a flagship offering.

Whilst their wines may well be the stars of the show, it’s not only the quality of the wines that sets Man O’ War apart. Their cellar door provides an unforgettable experience, complete with panoramic views across the bay and a warmly welcoming team. Wine tastings are offered seven days a week and if you fancy making a day of it, a visit to their casual coastal restaurant offers a culinary experience to match their wines - with dishes designed to show off the local, seasonal produce.

A visit to Man O' War winery is an enchanting endeavour. It's a place where the forces of nature and the passionate commitment of the wine making team combine to produce something truly extraordinary.

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