Marco Felluga

Marco Felluga

About Marco Felluga

Nestled within the heart of the Friuli region of Italy lies the illustrious Marco Felluga winery. Boasting over 250 hectares of lush vineyards, the Felluga family's viticultural legacy stretches back for four generations. Its excellent terroir reflects in its wines, embodying a rich character that's deeply rooted in the Slovenian-Italian traditions of the region.

The Felluga name made a mark on Italy's wine industry in the late 19th century; they've continued carving their story ever since. The winery's versatility and resilience shone through despite trials and tribulations and benefited from a relocation to the Friuli region post World War II for the fertile lands and exquisite vistas.

Marco Felluga products are known for their depth and complexity, with a particular focus on indigenous grape varieties. The winery encompasses the essence of Friulian wine-making culture, consistently delivering white wines that are poised and defined, and reds that are bursting with expression and personality. That charisma is humbly reflected in some of its most famed wines: the voluptuous Ribolla Gialla and the vibrant Refosco.

The winery focuses primarily on sustainable practices with great respect afforded to the balance between nature and vine. Its commitment to protecting the surrounding environment has resulted in a notable reduction of chemical use and has introduced an innovative system of recycling residual materials in the overall production processes.

Breathtaking panoramas, exceptional hospitality, and an unwavering commitment to the preservation of Friulan wine culture categorise the Marco Felluga winery. It remains a beacon of Italian viticulture today, with its wines being treasured by enthusiasts around the globe. This wineries registered headquarters are situated in Gradisca d'isonzo, a picturesque Italian village soaking in history and culture.

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