About Masi

Nestled in the bucolic landscapes of Valpolicella, Italy, lies the historical Masi winery. Stretching across the regions of Veneto and Friuli, Masi i renowned for producing some of Italy's most elegant and refined wines.

Born in 1772, the Masi winery is steeped in a rich history. Its moniker was derived from "Vaio dei Masi," the vineyard in Valpolicella where the company started its journey. Ever since, the Masi family have been truly dedicated to the art of viticulture and the production of quality wines. Today, the bedrock of the Masi winery's operations is the vision to create wines that truly embody the spirit and character of the region.

The Masi Winery unearths the best of Venetian viticulture through its production of single vineyard' wines. The vineyard’s particularly favourable topography and favourable terroir serve as a catalyst to produce rich, intense wines that represent the epitome of Italian wine authenticity.

A significant aspect of Masi's long-standing pedigree is their mastery of the Appassimento technique – an age-old Italian tradition of drying grapes on bamboo racks for prolonged periods. This intricate process imparts a concentrated and robust character to the wines, thereby creating signature Amarone wines that Masi is famed for.

The Masi Winery welcomes wine aficionados worldwide to explore its verdant vineyards, taste its diverse range of wines and experience the culture of Italian winemaking at its finest. Each sip is a tribute to the winery's artisanal approach and unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Masi commitment, to sustainability is noteworthy - an imortant trait that makes this winery an attractive choice for wine lovers with a conscience. For centuries, the Masi winery has championed the beautiful transformation of grapes to grandiose glasses of wine, offering a delightful marriage of tradition and contemporary viticulture. It is indeed, a must-visit stopover for every sommelier or wine connoisseur.

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