Meerlust Estate

Meerlust Estate

About Meerlust Estate

Established in 1756, Meerlust Estate stands as a testament to the viticulture heritage in the shadow of the Helderberg Mountains in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Awash with a stunning allure and beauty, the estate covers 110 hectares, with a sprawling manor house, classic wine cellar, and several prime vineyards that contribute to the estate's spellbinding charm.

Boasting a rich lineage of over eight successive generations of winemakers, Meerlust Estate is renowned for crafting flagship wines that authentically depict their place of origin. This is made possible due to the property's proximity to True Bay which allows for a definitive maritime influence, ideal for cultivating fine wines.

Predominantly, Meerlust is celebrated for its elegant Bordeaux-style reds, particularly its Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are layered with complex flavours that unfurl beautifully in the glass. The Rubicon too, a Bordeaux-style blend wine is a significant part of their portfolio, earning them admiration among sommeliers and wine enthusiasts around the world.

The wine cellar, dating back to circa 1776, is not just beautifully preserved, it is fully functioning and home to narrow, oak-lined corridors where aromatic barrels are systematically ageing to perfection. The stunning manor house, reminded of a Dutch gable design, enchants one with its whitewashed walls that dazzle under the African sun.

They also offer an intimate, luxurious tasting experience for guests. Pairing their captivating wines with the astounding views of the vineyards and mountains, it's an experience for all the senses.

Visiting Meerlust Estate is not only a journey into the heart of South Africa’s winemaking history, but also a wonderful opportunity to taste and experience wines of profound quality that honour their prestigious past and augurs a bright, promising future; a visit to this place is an experience to remember.

It's no surprise that Meerlust Estate continues to charm its guests, both locals and visitors from abroad, with its timeless elegance, tantalizing wines, and amiable hospitality. Long may it's legacy continue.

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