Michele Chiarlo

Michele Chiarlo

About Michele Chiarlo

Nestled amidst the lush, picturesque landscape of Piedmont, Italy, the Michele Chiarlo winery epitomises the essence of Italian winemaking traditions. Renowned for crafting award-winning Barolo and Barbaresco wines, the winery is a stalwart contributor to Italy's rich viticultural heritage.

Since its inception in 1956, the Chiarlo family has passionately curated a distinguished array of red and white wines. Imbued with the authentic taste of Piedmont, each bottle narrates tales of the region’s unique terroir and climatic subtleties. Aside from their world-famous Barolo and Barbaresco, the winery also produces sublime Barbera, Moscato d'Asti, and Gavi wines.

The winery believes firmly in an eco-friendly approach to viniculture: it champions sustainable farming practices, maintaining the philosophy of minimising human intervention and allowing nature to bring forth the best of the grapes. Inside the beautifully refurbished 18th-century palatial estate, the wines age gracefully in traditional oak casks, a testament to Michele Chiarlo’s reverence for winemaking artistry,

Central to the winery’s ethos is the notion of ‘terroir expressing’, which seeks to encapsulate local character and quality within each wine. This unwavering dedication in producing high-quality expressions enabled the Michele Chiarlo winery to accomplish more than 200 awards in its illustrious history.

Ultimately Michele Chiarlo winery is more than just a winery. It is also a gastronomic delight and hosts the one Michelin-starred La Court Ristorante, serving culinary masterpieces that perfectly complement their superb wines. Visitors can indulge themselves with a bottle of their exquisite wine while relishing the stunning vistas of rolling vine-clad hills and the majestic Alpine backdrop.

A true embodiment of Italian wine tradition, Michele Chiarlo Winery promises a flavourful journey and a remarkable experience. It is a testament to both the vitality of Piedmont’s wine culture and it's capacity for producing world-class vintages. This is most certainly a haven for loyal wine lovers or those seeking a taste of Italy in a glass.

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