About Mitolo

Mitolo winery is the jewelled crown of esteemed wine-maker, Frank Mitolo. Located in the lush, verdant Mclaren Vale in South Australia, the winery exudes an irreplaceable blend of old-world charm fused with modern refinement.

Famed for its voluptuous and seamless wines, Mitolo spans across 100 hectares of land where each vine is tenderly cared for through the most sustainable methods possible: dry farming, natural pest management and low yields ensure that the fruits remain intensely flavoured and bursting with unique micro-nutrients.
Each wine of Mitolo serenades one's senses, from its intense garnet hue to a harmonising taste of fruit plushness interwoven with velvety tannins.

Frank Mitolo's passion for viticulture led him to realise his dream of owning a vineyard, and this passion lives on in every drop of his wines. Much like the delicate grapes he grows, Frank’s Italian heritage is deeply intertwined with every bottle produced, not only in the name but in the painstaking attention to detail that is synonymous with Italy’s rich history of wine production.

Experience an unforgettable visit to Mitolo where our friendly, knowledgeable team will guide you through our extensive vintage collection in our state-of-the-art tasting room. And while you’re there, why not enjoy a gastronomical delight from our onsite restaurant, perfectly curated to complement the exquisite wines.

Here at Mitolo, we believe in creating an exquisite narrative that threads through every bottle, every glass and every sip of our unique wines. To achieve true greatness in our wines, our vineyards are maintained by a combination of human touch, modern technology and natures' own nurturing touch. Each grape treasured and each wines' journey respected

Mitolo’s undying commitment to creating wines of exceptional calibre and personality ensures every visit will be a memorable one, offering not just a taste, but an experience that is unmistakably Mitolo.

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