Nautilus Estate

Nautilus Estate

About Nautilus Estate

Nautilus Estate is a premier winery nestled in Marlborough, New Zealand's premier wine region. Since it's established in 1985, the estate has produced exceptional quality wines, solidifying its reputation on the global platform. This iconic vineyard skillfully combines traditional methods with innovative technology to bring out the best from nature's bounty.

The essence of Nautilus Estate is manifest in the exquisite wines it offers. Their flagship wine, the Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc, enthrals enthusiasts with the classic fruit intensity and freshness, while the Pinot Ngoir varietal encapsulates the unique terroir of Marlborough, producing layers of velvety richness integrated with fine tannins. In addition, the Chardonnay is often hailed for its elegance and complexity, with its soft mouthfeel and lingering finish.

Surrounded by the awe-inspiring vistas of the Wairau Valley, the winery offers more than just a taste of its wines. The Nautilus Vintage Cellar Door, dotted with modern wine-making facilities, welcomes wine lovers to immerse themselves in an unforgettable tasting experience. Here, visitors can delve into the artistry and science behind winemaking, guided by passionate vintners.

But beyond the world-class wines and breathtaking panoramas, what sets Nautilus Estate apart is its impulse to be in tune with nature. The winery champions sustainable wine-making, ensuring that every wine encapsulates the full expression of the land’s terroir, while preserving it for future generations.

In summation Nautilus Estate truly embodies the sophistication and finesse in the realm of viticulture. It melds respect for nature, leading-edge knowledge and a passion for winemaking to create wines that do more than just satisfy the palate, they inspire the senses, an asset to any occasion or any discerning collection.

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