Oak Ridge Winery

Oak Ridge Winery

About Oak Ridge Winery

Nestled in the heart of California's fertile Lodi region, Oak Ridge Winery is the oldest wine producing establishment in the entire valley. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply someone seeking to savour the flavours of a truly distinctive wine, this vineyard offers an experience unlike any other.

Oak Ridge Winery, steeped in rich history, was established in 1934. The vineyard spans more than 600 acres, and is dedicated to growing a variety of luscious grapes, for a wide range of wines. Quality is paramount here, as evidenced by the winery's meticulous care in handpicking the ripest of grapes, which lend their intense flavours to the selection of wines on offer.

Each varietal wine, produced by Oak Ridge, is a testament to the vineyard's commitment to excellence. From the bold, full-bodied Zinfandels and Cabernet Sauvignons to the refreshing, crisp Chardonnays. The winery also crafts an exquisite line of artisan blends, a perfect balance of complexity and elegance.

A visit to Oak Ridge Winery is not complete without exploring its iconic tasting room. This welcoming space resides in a 50-year-old converted wine cellar, exuding an enchanting rustic charm that truly enhances the wine tasting experience. With an array of wine-related merchandise and local artisan products adorning its shelves, it's a paradise for wine lovers.

But what really sets this enchanting winery apart, is the passion and dedication of its team. Every member, from the vine tenders to the wine makers, share a collective devotion for creating wines of exceptional quality that truly speak to the region's bounty.

Oak Ridge Winery is the epitome of everything a world-class vineyard should be: steeped in history, committed to quality, and a gateway to an unforgettable wine tasting experience.

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