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Omero Cellars

About Omero Cellars

Omero Cellars is a winery bursting with character, nestled in the verdant heart of Oregon, USA. This exquisite vineyard boasts of a rolling landscape, rainbow hues framing its charmingly rustic buildings, and rows upon rows of perfectly tended vines. The iconic setting envelops visitors in a soulful mixture of serenity and the cheery echo of viniculture.

Creating wines synonymous with quality and authenticity, Omero Cellars specialises in both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Their wines resonate with the passion that goes into every batch. Beautifully harmonising old-world style with new world fruit, their wines are a true labour of, love embodying the exceptional terroir of the Willamette Valley.

Intent on maintaining a low intervention approach, Omero Cellars champions sustainability. They believe that wines should reflect the land, capturing the spirit and subtlety of the terrain in each bottle. Their conscious farming and winemaking practices aim for minimal impact on the environment hence, they are proudly certified sustainable by the Oregon Live Certified organisation; an accolade not easily earned in the winery world.

Visitors to Omero Cellars find it more than just a vineyard. It's an immersive experience that invites guests to new insights. Wine tastings offer an exploration tour to the senses, deepening the understanding and appreciation of the intricacies of wine production. The warmth and inclusivity of the staff transform the tasting room into a convivial gathering space perfect for passionate conversations about wine and the nuances of each vintage.

In a market often saturated with commercialised options, Omero Cellars stands tall as a beacon of authentic and responsibly-produced wines. From the hushed calm of the vineyard to the clinking of glasses in the tasting room, this winery. it's a celebration of the earth, a tribute to its providence, and a testament to the craft and heart that shape each bottle.

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